About Gracie

Gracie Malling lives in the UK and has been writing kink fiction since she was 21. A voracious reader in many genres and a massive Jane Austen fan girl, Gracie appears to be incapable of sticking to one time period or subgenre when writing. In fact, the only common denominator of her novels is spanking - and so if this is your kink, you're in the right place!

When she's not writing, Gracie loves snuggling with her favourite humans and dogs, visiting beautiful places, playing the piano, watching stand-up comedy, and basking in endorphins when she stops running (the actual running part is hideously painful but that bit when you get to stop running is *amazing*).

You can find Gracie on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. She's always polite (unless given a very good reason not to be) so feel free to say hi. Happy reading!