Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Over 40 FREE spanking novels to choose from!

To mark their 5th anniversary, my lovely publishers Stormy Night Publications are doing a massive giveaway of over 40 spanking novels.

This offer is live now via Instafreebie and will be running until 12 September 2017.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Abducted. Humbled. Claimed.

Hey Everyone! This week, I'm welcoming Ashe Barker to the blog to tell us all about the spanking novel 'Her Rogue Viking'.

Hi Ashe! First of all, *nom* at that cover... phew... *fans self*

Aaanway... so, tell us a bit about 'Her Rogue Viking'

Though Fiona puts up a brave fight when her village is raided by Vikings, she ends up being carried off over the broad shoulders of Ulfric Freysson, the leader of the Norsemen. The stern, ruggedly handsome warrior quickly makes it clear that she belongs to him now, and her best efforts to escape merely earn Fiona a painful, humiliating switching on her bare bottom.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Guest Post: Seeing Ronnie by Libby Campbell #paranormal #BDSM #spanking

Well, this is exciting... *drum roll*... I have my first ever guest on this blog!

Please say a warm, friendly hello to Libby Campbell who is here to tell us all about her novel 'Seeing Ronnie': the first book in her Romancing the Coast series.

So Libby, what is 'Seeing Ronnie' all about?

As a social blogger, Ronnie Flynn—aloof, beautiful, cool as a cucumber—is desperate to get to the society event of the year: Simon and Sadie’s engagement party on Seguro Island. No surprise that her name isn’t on the guest list, but as always, Ronnie has a backup plan. A plan that involves the handsome Del Franklin. 

Saturday, 12 August 2017

New Facebook page!

Exciting announcement! I now have an author facebook page!!

Look-it, look-it: Gracie Malling

(I *may* have spent the past six hours messing with this blog and playing around on Canva... but no one was here so *no one can prove it*...)