Saturday, 6 October 2012

The return of the Punishment Book

Mr M and I have now been married for nearly 4 months (yay :-) ).

It's been a wonderful time but also a busy time, what with one thing and another, and the discipline side of things had started to slide.

Therefore Mr M, in his wisdom, decided to bring back The Punishment Book, which was first introduced back in summer 2011. The Punishment Book is a hard-backed A4 pad and each page is split up into 4 columns: 'offence and date of offence', 'punishment', 'date of punishment' and a final column for the initials of the person who has dished out the punishment (so far, this column has only included Mr M's initials but the thought of being given to someone else for punishment is a rather exciting one...).

A few days ago, I got my first punishment session since the reinstatement of The Punishment Book.

Monday, 18 June 2012

The Pretty Dress

'That's a very pretty dress, Gracie.'

I look up at Mr M, watching me from the other side of the table. The bodice of my pretty dress is boned and the bottom edges are digging into my sides. I make myself sit up straighter.

'Thank you, Sir,' I reply, smiling.

Mr M stands up and walks over to my side of the table.

I go to pick up my glass, thinking nothing of it - maybe he's just going to get something off the book shelf - and then gasp in shock as he grabs my hair and yanks me up to my feet.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Spanking story: The Schoolmaster's Wife

As not a lot is happening on the real-life-front (spanking-wise) at the moment, here's a bit of fiction to keep things ticking over.

(Apologies for all the 'oh's and exclamations - I was going for the stereotypical flighty Victorian wife thing)

 The Schoolmaster’s Wife

“There you are, my dear! What are you doing in here?”

Startled, I very nearly dropped my book. “Oh! You’re home early darling.”

Monday, 20 February 2012

The Housemaster and the Head Prefect

Mr M and I did a scene yesterday for the first time since last May (I know - 9 whole months - I could have *gestated a child* in that time!).

It was actually two little scenes rolled into one with Mr M playing two roles (one after the other - not simultaneously, obviously!) and me playing one.

Part One

I am a schoolgirl and Mr M is my Housemaster.

I knock on the door to his office.

'Come in.'

Monday, 9 January 2012

First day at the reformatory

Long time, no blog...

Here's a partially-recounted scene that Mr M and I did last year. 

First day at the reformatory

We started the scene early on Saturday morning, before breakfast.

The Back-story

My name is Katie Buckle and I have been caught behaving ‘inappropriately’ with the vicar’s daughter. This particular vicar has rather a lot of influence over the local magistrate and, together, they have conspired to have me to sent to a reformatory.

Today is my first day…