Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Black leather gloves


'Tis the season to get cold hands whilst driving, so the lovely Mr M has dug out his *extremely hot* black leather gloves for the primary reason of keeping his hands warm (the secondary reason presumably being to drive me into a frenzy whenever I see them).

Whilst I have been threatened with being spanked and/or slapped whilst he's wearing The Gloves, this has yet to actually happen in reality.

Therefore I've had to resort to relying on my imagination, which has been fuelled in no small part by recent developments on Merlin.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Punishment Day

Mr M reminded me the moment I woke up.

"You haven't forgotten that it's your punishment day today, have you?"

I replied (sleepily) that I had not.

"Good." His hand found my pyjama bottoms and pulled them roughly down. "This bottom's going to get a good, hard thrashing later." He slapped my bottom, once, twice, but the constrictions of the duvet and the fact that my body was still soft and heavy with sleep meant that my reaction was little more than a few sleepy murmurs.

(In my defence, this was about 5:30 am)

Clearly this wasn't good enough for him. "Go and get the naughty girl brush."