Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Guest Post: A Time for Will by Libby Campbell #timetravel #erotica

My most frequent blog guest is *back*! It's the lovely Libby Campbell and she's here to tell us all about her hot time travel romance 'A Time for Will'.


Identical twins, Verity and Felicity (Lissie) Pettigrew inherit an abandoned farm in the remote hills of the Methow Valley. Little do the twins know, but their windfall harbors a secret. While exploring the old barn, Verity stumbles into a hidden portal and is instantly transported more than one hundred years into the past.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Guest Post: Learning to be Little by Kathryn R Blake #ageplay #spankingromance

Hey Everyone! It's 2018 and we're back with another guest post - whoop whoop! This week Kathryn R Blake is joining us again and she's here to tell us all about her new age play novel 'Learning to be Little'. Welcome Kathryn!

Blurb: After a bleak childhood in foster care, Kelly's growing mistrust has her running away again and again. Homeless and penniless, with no relatives to harbor her and a penchant for escaping her caretakers, Kelly is finally handed over to one of the few parish orphanages remaining in existence until she turns eighteen, when she is released.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Have a Happy New Year with some Sexy #FreeBooks!

Hey Everyone and Happy New Year! As we wave goodbye to 2017, it's time to say WELL HELLO to a whole heap of FREE erotic stories to get your 2018 off to the right start...

It's hot, it's smutty and it's here to heat up your holidays: it's the Hot Smut to Heat Up your New Year Giveaway!

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Guest Post: A Naughty New Year by Kathryn R Blake #mischiefabounds #spankingromance #anthology

**This story is available only as part of the Mischief under the Mistletoe Anthology**

Hi Kathryn, welcome to my blog! It's great to see one of my fellow 'Mischief Under the Mistletoe' anthology contributors here :-) :-). Tell us all about A Naughty New Year...

Blurb: Kelly Evans is nearly six months pregnant when her Dom husband, Jim, suggests they invite their closest friends over for a private New Year's Eve party. Just a friendly get together, nothing kinky, and no champagne for either of the girls, since Kelly's friend, Tiffany, was a month along further than she was. Given it's New Year's Eve, Kelly feels Jim's no-champagne edict isn't fair, but Jim warns her if she goes against his wishes, she will be punished. Though Kelly understands Jim's reasoning, she still feels he's merely being over-protective, and as much as she loves him a sip of champagne never hurt anyone. That is until now.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Guest Post: Taming Lady Lydia by Felicity Brandon #Regency #SpankingRomance

As you will know if you have even a passing acquaintance with this blog (or my twitter feed or my facebook page or this pinterest board of mine or, y'know, just *me*), I absolutely LOVE Regency romances!

I am delighted, therefore, to host Felicity Brandon on my blog this week with her stunning Regency spanking novel 'Taming Lady Lydia'.

Good day to you, Lady Felicity! Would you be so kind as to tell us to what your novel pertains? (yep, this is happening)

When eighteen-year-old Lady Lydia Franklin becomes the ward of Lord Thomas Markham after her father’s death, she quickly discovers that the wealthy, handsome gentleman believes in strict discipline for wayward young women. Her penchant for naughtiness soon earns her a sound spanking, but despite his willingness to punish her as often and as shamefully as he feels it necessary, Thomas’ firm-handed correction leaves Lydia helplessly aroused.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Guest Post: Cassie's Life by PK Corey #spankingromance #contemporary

Hey everyone and *Happy December* - whoop whoop!

My first blog guest this month is the fabulous PK Corey with her contemporary romance novel 'Cassie's Life' (Book Ten).

Welcome PK Corey! Tell us all about 'Cassie's Life'.

Ask Cassie about her life on the river and she’ll tell you it’s lovely and peaceful. But while Cassie loves the life she lives, peaceful is not always an accurate description. Whether she’s confronting an armed man who’s in a drunken rage, planning a friend’s wedding or dealing with a ghost in a backwoods lodge, Cassie is going to deal with it the best way she knows how. And peaceful doesn’t always work.